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A Licensed and Ordained Minister

With More Than 20 Years of Ministry Experience

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I am the Founder of Practical Christian Living Ministries, and I am currently a member of LinkedUp Church in Powder Springs, GA where the Senior Pastor is Joel Gregory. I previously served on the ministerial staff for 25 years at Cornerstone Baptist Church where Benjamin Lang serves as Pastor.  I also served for 16 years as a Chaplain for Truckstop Ministries Inc. in Atlanta, GA, a ministry founded by the late Joseph Hunter.


I have been happily married to my wife Mary for 33 years, and from that union we have 5 children and several grandchildren.


Apart from being a graduate of Columbia School of Broadcasting, I also studied at Andersonville Theological Seminary where I earned my Bachelor of Theology and where I am currently enrolled in their Master of Divinity Program.


I have blended my life experiences with the knowledge I have acquired from my studies to bring a distinct style and perspective to preaching and teaching God’s Words anywhere I go to minister.


My goal is to preach and teach the Word of God with simplicity so that all who hear me can interpret the Scriptures better. My favorite Bible verse is Revelations 4:11: “You are worthy, O Lord, To receive glory and honor and power; For you created all things and by Your will they exist and were created.” (NKJV)


Pastoral Support

Pastor H_edited

Pastor Emeritus H.D. Cockerham Zion Baptist Church Louisville, KY


Dr. Ken Miller Kingdom Vision Ministries Jonesboro, GA

Pastor George Saffo_edited

Pastor George Saffo Basket Creek Baptist Church Douglasville, GA

Pastor Terry Jones_edited_edited_edited

Pastor Terry D. Jones Mt. Vernon Baptist Church Louisville, KY

Pastor Bryan L_edited_edited_edited

Pastor Bryan L. Carter Concord Church Dallas, TX

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